Overestimating Citizens? Wish for Climate Action

The UN climate chief, Christiana Figueres, would like the world to know that climate change is considered the most urgent issue around the world. 

Her agency produced a report, Surprising Citizensʼ Views on Climate Change, in partnership with national partners like the Danish Board of Technology Foundation, identifying the views on climate change from 80 countries.

The results are spectacular: Almost 80% are very concerned about the impacts of climate change and 79% say their country should cut CO₂ even if other nations donʼt.

However, looking at how these answers were obtained reveals an agency that engineered a survey that could only come out with one results.

Participants at 104 events in 80 different countries were surveyed, on average with 100 participants. The process meant that people who were strongly concerned with climate change were most likely to participate: first, they had to read a 32 page publication on climate change, then they had to spend the better part of a day showing up for a so-called "citizen consultation" with videos and talks, where they would engage in roundtable debates on the physical science of climate change, its social impacts and the political strategies to combat it.

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