Media Creeper

MediaCreeper is a simple monitoring system for the public who want to see where the fourth estate are looking for information on the Internet. It presupposes that you are contributing and take care of your part of the surveillance. The aim is to try to add to the discussion of "old media" news coverage innefficieny. Do they write about what they read in blogs and forums?
If not, why?

By exposing what journalists and reporters are interested in, you can see if there is a discrepancy between what is relayed in media and what they read online. Often raised the question why the media does not write about things of interest to many citizens, and can be seen in particular blogs.

By entering a piece of code somewhere on your website, MediaCreeper will gather information about which IP addresses that visit your site. Anyone who surfs can hide their address or browse from a place other than the news room, so itʼs not completely optimal. MediaCreeper is not a way to get your statistics, but the functionality makes it possible to follow "old media" who browse the web.

The statistics, found on a page that is public for all. You do not need to register to begin monitoring "old media", itʼs enough to link to MediaCreeper. You can also follow the recent visits by an RSS feed. Just click on the icon that lead to the feed.

Ägare: Hans Iwan Bratt. Datering: 2016-03-30 Visas för Alla Skapad: 2016-03-30. Ändrad: 2016-04-03. - För politiskt inflytande

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